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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

The Asemeyando Photographic Association was born in 2009 after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Five photographers joined together to hold a collective photographic exhibition, which was sold and donated all proceeds to UNICEF.

 Although at the beginning it had its “virtual” headquarters in the Noreña City Council, since 2014 it has its headquarters in La Felguera. 

In these only 9 years he has had an overwhelming activity:

• Created a photography forum ( that quickly became the national reference for photographers, and that during the time of internet forums, was one of the most visited websites in Spain

• He held 5 photography congresses, all of them national and three of them international, for which frontline speakers have passed, both nationally and internationally, becoming a reference for national photography, being even cited and studied in two theses doctoral

• Collaborated in the organization of the XXXII CEF Congress 2018 • He has made 9 photographic exhibitions • Organized the “photo afternoons” photographic cycles for a year • He has collaborated with those sociocultural entities that have requested it as Ochobre, Interval, Gaita de Noreña Band, etc.

• Collaborate from the first call with the development of Amestando Cultures, which offers such good moments and results to all the felguerinos. • He has published two books "Amestando Cultures" and "Oviedo, our capital"

• She has been the promoter of “a smile against exclusion” and “a smile for inclusion” solidarity projects in which various groups such as immigrants, people in the Integration Assistance Centers have been portrayed, and who are He has given his portrait in a framed 100X70 cm format.

• He has carried out various training workshops in his place, as well as his components make talks, workshops and conferences both in Asturias and outside it.

• In addition several of its components have been awarded in national competitions, have exhibited at national and regional level

• Promoted and co-founded the Asturian Federation of Photographic Associations, which chairs a member of the association.

• Has representatives on the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Photography • Has representatives in the jury body of the Spanish Confederation of Photography • Keeps two web pages active and

• Maintain social networks on Facebook and tweet of asemeyando and congress exodos • Organize a national photo contest 

• It has made the Felgueroso Cinema camera collection become the “Official Center of Photographic Interest” of the Spanish Confederation of Photography, and the achievement for Langreo of a permanent exhibition hall of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) that brings together two million photographers from 80 countries, among which are the most grenade of world photography

• We are also developing a basic photographic training program for citizens of Langreo who wish to improve their mobile, camera, etc. photos

• During 2019, it will develop a project with the Town Halls and Over-School Councils to make their elders visible, also giving images to both municipalities for the creation of a historical archive of its inhabitants

CURRENT DIRECTIVE PRESIDENT: Luis José Vigil-Escalera Quintanal
VICE PRESIDENT: Carlos Suárez Alonso
SECRETARY: Marta Menéndez Gonzalez 
POSTAL ADDRESS C / Francisco Ferrer 1 33930 Langreo Asturias Director: Luis José Vigil-Escalera Quintanal
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POSTAL ADDRESS (FIAP CENTER): Pinacoteca Eduardo Úrculo, C/ La unión 32 33930 Langreo Asturias  
Tlf : +34 696 31 51 89