Ethics service
Italy Pierluigi Rizzato Service director

Ethics service

Cuba 4495, Romain Nero, Luxembourg

At the beginning of 2014, FIAP instituted a new Service, the Ethics Service, in order to improve the quality of the ethical behaviour of the photographers taking part in the international salons and exhibitions under the FIAP Patronage. 

An important task is to check whether there are images that don’t comply with the FIAP rules and Definitions or alter the truth of the photographic statement. Another one is to reveal the deplorable use in the FIAP events of images or part of images without being photographed by the author (plagiarism). The Director of FIAP Ethics Service will investigate on the cases of images not observing the rules, will confront offender with evidence and request rebuttal. At the end of the process, he will do a report to the FIAP Board for the final decision. 

A copy of the catalogue of each salon run under FIAP Patronage must be sent from salon organizers to the Director of the Ethics Service.