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Andorra Joan Burgues Martisella Service director

Exhibition centres

Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

On March 22 the hall opened with two exhibitions: 

Níndulas by Frederic Garrido Villajuana (poster attached) 

Les meves amigues by María Gracia de la Hoz (poster attached)

Both exhibitions can be visited until April 29th during the Art Gallery’s usual opening hours.

During the act, a commemorative plaque was unveiled and then a visit of the exhibited works was held, guided by Frederic Garrido, who, on the previous day, taught a workshop that was open to the general public, where he presented the way he understands photography and how one must reflect before pressing the shutter. The workshop was a success in terms both of attendance and in content, which made us consider, by demand of the attendants, future workshops with the same author but for a whole weekend. 

Níndulas by Frederic Garrido Villajuana / Les meves amigues by María Gracia de la Hoz - April 2019