Distinctions service
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Distinctions service

Tuscan golden sunrise, Macinai Michele , Italy

The Service is resposible for evaluating all applications for FIAP Distinctions, the production of the FIAP Distinctions certificates and the distribution of the FIAP Distinctions badges.

Awarding FIAP Distinctions is regulated by different documents and infos.

FIAP Distinctions can be accorded for artistic achievements:

  • AFIAP (Artiste FIAP)
  • EFIAP (Excellence FIAP) and the EFIAP-levels
  • MFIAP (Master FIAP)
  • AV-AFIAP (Artiste FIAP – Audio Visual)
  • AV-EFIAP (Excellence FIAP – Audio Visual)
  • AV-MFIAP (Master FIAP – Audio Visual)
  • CAFIAP (Club Artiste FIAP)
  • CEFIAP (Club Excellence FIAP)
  •   AFIAP
  •   EFIAP
  •   MFIAP

FIAP Distinctions can be accorded for exceptional services:

  • ESFIAP (Excellence for Services Rendered to FIAP)
  • HonEFIAP (Honorary Excellence FIAP)
  •   ESFIAP
  •   HonEFIAP

For the rules, application forms and more informations see the next pages.