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Morning Run, Moira Gardner, Scotland

29th FIAP Colour Biennial - FRANCE 2021

We invite all federations members of FIAP to participate in the next Colour Biennial
Closing date: 27th January 2021 Registration and upload will start on 12th December 2020 Participation is ONLY open for FIAP Operational Members

Biennials are one of the most important events offered by FIAP. They are organized every two years in a different member country. Even years for  Black and White and Nature Biennials, odd years for the Colour Biennial

The participation is free. Biennials have a very particular characteristic, different from the international contests. It is not only the quality of the individual work that counts, but FIAP ask for coherent collections, as well of the viewpoint of inspiration and conception as form the viewpoint of execution and presentation. The judgement of the collections is made in two steps:  
1) the judgement of each work of the collection
2) the global judgement of the collection.
The collection obtaining the highest score by the addition of the points of the first and the second judgment, wins the  World Cup of the corresponding Biennial. Individual prizes are also awarded to the best works regardless of the classification by federations.

For more information with results and statistics of previous Biennials please click here.

20th FIAP Nature Biennial 2020, Russia

Winner Country Digital Section: Italy, Birds with prey Winner Country Print Section: Italy, Fight between birds Year: 2020
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28th FIAP Colour Biennial 2019, Spain

Winner Country Print Section: Spain, Paisaje urbano, Chaouen Winner Country Digital Section: Russian Federation, Children and animals Year: 2019
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34th FIAP Black & White Biennial 2018, South Africa

Winner FIAP World Cup Print Section: Scotland Winner FIAP Gold Medal Print Section: Brian Clark, Scotland Year: 2018
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39th Youth Biennial 2018, Bulgaria

Winner Country Category I, 16 years Section: Oman Winner Country Category II, 21 years Section: Oman Year: 2018
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27th FIAP Colour Biennial 2017, Norway

Winner Country Projected Section: Russia, Once again on the female beauty Winner Country Print Section: Italy, A means of integration disabled, Year: 2017
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33rd FIAP Black and White Biennial 2016, Korea

Winner FIAP World Cup Print Section: United Kingdom Winner FIAP Gold Medal Print Section: Abduliah Mohammad Othman, Yemen Year: 2016
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18th FIAP Nature Biennial 2016, Serbia

Winner Country Projected Section: Italy, Feeding for live Winner Country Print Section: Italy, Animals in flight Year: 2016
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26th FIAP Color Biennial 2015, United Kingdom

Winner FIAP World Cup Print Section: Argentina, Hombres mayores en su ambiente Winner FIAP Gold Medal Print Section: IBBS, Gabriel O'Shaughnessy, Ireland Year: 2015
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28th FIAP Projected Images Biennial 2015, Indonesia

Winner FIAP World Cup Projected Section: Indonesia Winner FIAP Gold Medal Projected Section: The Master, Rahmat Takbir, Indonesia Year: 2015
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