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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

At the FIAP LLangréu/Semeyes del Mundu Exhibition Center it presents its last exhibition of this year 2021 “10X10 Trophy”.

During 2021, thanks to the close collaboration between the FIAP Exhibition Centers of Ceuta, Konya (Turkey) and Asemeyando de Langreo, as well as with the Badalona Photographic Peña, it was decided to create a photographic contest among the components of these four organizing entities that, in turn, Sometimes they would invite other entities, so that there would be 10 clubs, with 10 photos each of ten different people, getting 100 works by 100 different authors.   

The invited entities were Asociación Colomense Aficionats Photography Spain  
Photographic Association of La Rioja Spain  
Afyon Frig Fotograf Dernegei Turkey  
Amateur Photographers of Vega Spain  
Photographic Peña Rosarina Argentina  
Photowalk Melilla Spain   

This exhibition allows us to see the 30 photographs of the three groups that have achieved the first positions, and observe the ways of understanding photography, different authors and countries, art can be created and transfer sensations, learning to see reality with different eyes . 

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"10X10 Trophy" - December 2021