World cups for clubs service
Italy Michele Macinai Service director

World cups for clubs service

Spirit of the dancer, Paul Statter, England

The participation to the FIAP World cup of clubs is open to all photo clubs whether FIAP members or not. Operational members cannot participate. 

It can be organised by an ILFIAP Club, a club who won the last World Cup or by a FIAP´s operational member.

The participation to the World cup consists in 20 works per Club with a maximum of 2 works per author.

The files for the projection and for the realisation of a catalogue should respect the following conditions:

-          in RGB
-          format JPG
-          2400 pixels minimum on the longest side
-          3500 pixels maximun on the longest side
-          File weight  maximun 6 Mb

All types and creative procedures are admitted, can be in B&W and in colour. No coherence is needed among the pictures.

Each club selects the works (the collection) they wish to present.

A form is sent with all the explanations and dates

DIRECTOR OF WORLD CUP FOR CLUBS : Michele Macinai who is in charge of the service since 2018.

16th FIAP World Cup for Clubs 2021

We invite your photo club to participate in the 16th FIAP World Cup for Clubs 2021, to represent at best all the countries of the world in this great photographic competition. Closing date: 19th of november 2021  Please visit:   

16ème Coupe du Monde des Clubs FIAP 2021 

nous invitons votre club à participer à la 16ème Coupe du Monde des Clubs FIAP 2021, pour représenter au mieux tous les pays du monde dans ce grand concours photographique. Date de clôture : 19 novembre 2021  Veuillez visiter:  :

15th FIAP World Cup for Clubs 2020 - RESULTS

15ème Coupe du Monde FIAP des Clubs 2020 - RÉSULTATS