Frequently asked questions and answers about FIAP

Blickkontakt, Stefan Willmann, Germany

In this area you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about FIAP and its organisation


What is the difference between a FIAP Congress and a FIAP Photomeeting ?

The Congress is the most important body in the structure of FIAP. It meets every two years in one of the operational members. The Photomeeting is an event organized every two years by photographers for other photographers, a kind of continuous one-week workshop. Both events are great opportunity to go around with other photographers, compare different photographic cultures…. a true celebration of photographic art.

Which way is FIAP administrated ?

FIAP is managed by a Board of Directors of nine persons elected by the Congress. The Board of Directors is helped by different Services composed by specialists in different fields

What are the FIAP Exhibition Centers ?

The FIAP Exhibition Centers aim at building a wide network of photo exchanges and exhibitions and at giving a focal point to photographers of different parts of the world. They help the national Federation to spread in the different countries some very important activities, like the organization of important photographic events and workshops or specific training pathways, among which that for “Judge of International Competitions”, expressly projected to satisfy the needs of the different authors.

Does FIAP own an artistic patromony ?

FIAP disposes of a very important artistic heritage which has a considerable archival value and which retraces the history of photography. This patrimony is deposited in the Musee de l’Elysee in Lausanne (Switzerland), and in the “Digital Image Bank” organized by the FIAP Collection Service, in Belgium.

Some people bear distinctive abbreviations next to their names, like AFIAP, EFIAP etc, What is this all about ?

The honors awarded by FIAP are highly appreciated and desired by photographers from all over the world. FIAP grants its distinctions or artistic titles to the photographers whose work shows faultless and excellent technique and a high artistic level. ILFIAP clubs may receive specific distinctions according to the acceptance of their members. FIAP also grants honorific distinctions or titles to personalities who, by their dedications and their commitment, have contributed efficiently to the influence of FIAP in the world and to the promotion of photographic art.

Are they any photographic events organized by FIAP itself ?

For the Operational Members, FIAP organises Biennials in the field of black and white prints, of projected images, of nature photography and of youth photography. A Club World Cup, open to all clubs is being organised since 2006.

Is it possibile for an event organized by my national photographic Club to be recognized by FIAP ?

FIAP patronages every year more than 350 international competitions all around the world and several selected photographic exhibitions under FIAP Auspices. Only the acceptances and
awards in events with FIAP Patronage are taken into account for the granting of FIAP artistic distinctions.

Is my language spoken in FIAP ?

The  official  languages of FIAP are French and English.  The  official texts  can  also  be translated into German and Spanish.

Is FIAP present worldwide ?

FIAP is present in 92 different countries in the five continents and represents the benefits of about two million individual  amateur  and  professional photographers

Who can become a member of FIAP ?

FIAP consists of Operational Members and Adhering Members (Regional, Local and Individual).  Operational Members are federations or associations having an action at a national level. Regional Adhering Members are associations comprising mostly clubs and associations of photographers and Local Adhering Members are clubs or local associations comprising photographers only. Individual Adhering Members are the persons, professional photographers or amateurs who are affiliated with an Operational Member for as long as they maintain the status of affiliates.

What is the aim of FIAP?

Its purpose is the promotion of photographic art in all its aspects and through all kinds of photographic events.  All  considerations  of  political,  ideological,  racial  or  religious  nature are totally excluded from GFIAP activities

When was FIAP founded?

FIAP was founded by Dr M Van de Wijer in Bern (Switzerland) in 1950 with the participation of delegates from ten countries. In 2004 during the congress of Budapest, FIAP had new statutes and a new seat in Paris, France. Finally, during the Congress of Ankara (Turkey) in 2014, FIAP adopted new statutes and decided to establish his Social Seat in Luxemburg. FIAP is the only international photographic organisation recognised by UNESCO

What does the acronym FIAP mean ?

It comes from the name Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique