FIAP - Medical Photographers Club - IMPC

IMPC is a club established under the umbrella of FIAP and open to the participation of medical and paramedical photographers from FIAP member countries all over the world. Its establishment was approved by FIAP's board of directors in December 2023, founding managers were appointed and organizational work began all over the world as of 2024.


  •       creating a community of medical and paramedical photographers (any active health workers and retired colleagues whom are not working but still enrolled in the corresponding professional) from around the world  
  •       exchange of artistic and professional experiences  
  •        organisation of artistic events dedicated to the members of the association, such as exhibitions, photo-tours, charity events, workshops  
  •        encouraging artistic activity in medical communities  
  •       promotion of selected photographic events  
  •       each member country carries out joint photo-based social work with their country's health associations and strives to turn this into an international event under FIAP.


During the establishment of IMPC, a president and two vice-presidents appointed by the FIAP management were assigned as Board Members and to organize the FIAP member countries and start working in line with the purpose of its establishment within a two-year period until the end of 2026. In this process, the association's Country Representatives are determined in the member countries and the club is aimed to spread throughout the world.