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Springbok, Jill Sneesby, South Africa

Maitre de la Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique

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Author Country Promotion year Title Photos
Matjaž Čater Slovenia 2020 BETWEEN TWO WORLDS
Nasser Haji Malek United Arab Emirates 2020 Beginning of the Story
Alexander Kharvat Ukraine 2020 Renaissance images
Cristina Garzone Italy 2020 COPTIC MYSTICISM
Ann Joyce Bastion New Zealand 2019 FLORA BOTANICALS
Georgios Mytilinos Greece 2019 Study of the portrait using natural lighting
Judy Boyle Ireland 2019 Peoples of the Maramures
Ross McKelvey United Kingdom 2019 The Art of Nude
Petar Sabol Croatia 2019 Kingfisher
Tim Pile United Kingdom 2019 Travels with a Muse
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