Ana Maria Robles
Ana Maria Robles
Argentina Ana Maria Robles MFIAP Authors

White Nile

It’s territory of the "Mundari", nomadic shepherds of the Nile.
The children are in charge of gathering the manure and lighting the fires. They are born and grow among the cattle. Each cow has it’s place and is tied to a small stake they gather around the fires. Young men meticulously massage them with ashes, including their great antlers, to protect them from insects, in a ceremony of total intimacy. They are sacred cows, intermediaries between them and their Gods. The livelihood of the Mundari, their social position and endowment to start a family depends on them.

South Sudan is a country that is suffering war for years. Unknown reality not diffused, hidden. This proud people, mostly peaceful and hospitable, survives by its culture dangerously threatened with its transformation or disappearance.

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