Angelo Di Tommaso
Angelo Di Tommaso
France Angelo Di Tommaso MFIAP Authors


My artistic work differs from the many examples of contemporary portrait and nude photography where eroticism and exhibitionism are increasingly present...

I prefer to represent the body, in general, in a more romantic, delicate and sensual way, as in the pictorial representations of the great painters of the Renaissance period, whom I particularly admire, so much so that I dare to create a "re-birth" through my subjects, which, while being of today, are transported to an almost forgotten time. 

Before starting this work, which develops over 4 years, I studied with passion and interest the poses and lights of the great masters of the Renaissance. 

I chose the fabrics and sheers in warm tones and deliberately kept the brightness low throughout the portfolio. Of course, I used a low-contrast light reminiscent of the workshops of the great masters, in fact they were always oriented towards the north to have a subdued light. 

Of my journey in the field of photography, it is undoubtedly the work that has taken the most time and all my energies to try to reshape, in a modern tone, the old masterpieces that I have always admired.

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