FIAP Exhibition Center of Reus, Catalonia (Spain)
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Mas Iglesias Image Centre, CIMIR, is located in an old manor house which was restored in 2007 to embrace the Municipal Photographic Library of Reus. 

CIMIR has become a reference point in Catalonia photography world. It covers three main areas within the custody and preservation of images. 

On one hand it has an extremely important archive about Reus and its surroundings historical photography, thanks to the work of many pioneer photographers of the city during late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. As well as the incorporation of the archives of many later photographers and not to mention the important task done by the Reus Photographic Group to document all those aspects that were in process of disappearing in the middle and end of the twentieth century. 

On the other hand, CIMIR also works with moving image, which collects, preserves and disseminates a great amount of cinematic material made by many city amateurs. 

Lastly, another major area in which CIMIR works is the creative photography, which also preserves and disseminates, as a result of several photo shows organized over the years, conducted by City Councils Culture department as well as other city’s entities. 

To complement this important task, CIMIR has a specialized library which organizes photography workshops, periodically projects documentaries and experimental films, and, of course, has exhibition rooms where its own exhibitions are organized or with contributions from artists or groups from various fields. 

This is where the FIAP Exhibition Centre became part of CIMIR, which opened in February 2020.This has just completed all the work that the CIMIR team is doing for photography.   

Director: Josep M Casanoves Dolcet, AFIAP, EsFIAP
Address: Centre de la Imatge Mas Iglesias Reus
Plaça Ramon Amigó, 1 -Parc de Mas Iglesias- 
43204 Reus – Catalonia SPAIN
Tel: +34 601223576 Email: /