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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland


  Four photographers who in 2014 received the title of Master of the International Federation of Photographic Art, MFIAP, their highest photographic recognition, six years later come together to create this exhibition. The portrait is the common theme that they use in this exhibition, each one with its own and well differentiated style. The images allow us to delve into the work of these authors who convey to us their way of seeing and observing through the camera. In some cases they show us inspiring and evocative portraits of moments lived on impressive trips and in other cases they show us meticulously created studio portraits. 

Gràcia de la Hoz shows us her portraits of everyday people that she models with studio light. Javier Fernández Ferreras contributes his portraits made in 2019, in the celebration of the Khumb Mela in Allahabad (India), the largest human concentration in the world, of a religious nature, in which 100 million pilgrims congregate on the banks of the Ganges every three years, in four holy cities for the Hindu religion. Luis Alberto Franke shows us portraits in typical Omani attire, women in colourful dresses and headscarves and men in turbans and collarless tunics. Frederic Garrido Vilajuana his portraits are a symbolic representation of colour together with a timeless gaze. 

Gràcia de la Hoz He lives in Reus.
He has a long photographic career in which he has won numerous awards and has been a jury member in many other national and international salons. His works have been published in various media and in museum funds. He has also taught photographic training courses. In his beginnings he made black and white photography while currently his work is in colour. His images range from portraits and landscapes to still lives. She is a member of the Catalan Photography Federation, the Spanish Photography Confederation and the International Federation of Photographic Art which, in 2014, awarded her the MFIAP title, being the first woman to obtain it in Spain. If you want to know more, you will find it at   

Javier Fernández Ferreras
Born in Lanús (Argentina). At 1 year old, he moved to Barakaldo. He currently resides in Urduliz (Bizkaia) His passion for photography has led him to travel to the five continents, his favourite subjects being reportage and portraiture, although his interest in sports photography and still lives is not far behind. Eibar Sports Photography Club, the Spanish Photography Confederation, CEF and the International Federation of Photographic Art, FIAP. Self-taught in the art of photography, he has achieved the distinctions of MFIAP (Master) year 2014 (Federation Internationale de l´Art Photographique) and MCEF (Master) year 2013 (Spanish Confederation of Photography). National Photography Award 2012 by the CEF, awarded at the Congress held by the Spanish Photography Confederation, in Zaragoza. He has almost 700 prizes in photographic contests, both at the state and international level. Email:   

Luis Albert Franke
He resides in Argentina. In 2002, he joined the Grupo Fotográfico Parque de Buenos Aires, a photo-club attached to the Argentine Federation of Photography. Since then, he has participated in national and international photography salons, having obtained numerous awards in more than 60 countries. Winner consecutively, in 2012 and 2013, of the FIAP “Best of the Best" for best author of the year. He has specialized in Argentine Patagonia and for 30 years he has carried out numerous photographic reports in rural establishments in the region. His photographs show the natural landscapes, the characters and especially portray the rural life of the vast southern ranches. He is FIAP Liaison Officer before the Argentine Federation of Photography, member of the FIAP Steering Committee and Director of the FIAP Biennial Service. If you want to know more you will find it at   

Frederic Garrido Vilajuana
He lives in Berga, Barcelona and his work is basically related to creative photography. The portrait is one of his passions in which he always tries to capture the gaze as the primary point of reference. He is a president member of AFTDAO de Berga and holds different positions in the Catalan Photography Federation and in the Spanish Photography Confederation. It also belongs to the Grup Fotogràfic d’Almenana, Arcense Photographic Association Fo-Cal and Perpignan -Photo Culture in Catalogne. It has different distinctions such as the 2013 CEF National Award and the 2010 FCF Catalunya Award , and the following distinctions, MFIAP and EsFIAP - MCEF/O and JBCEF - M4*FCF and JAFCF. Their website is

Four FIAP Masters - August 2022