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Andorra Joan Burgues Martisella Service director

Exhibition centres

Venice Marathon 02, Marzio Filippo Minorello, Italy

On April 2021 we announced that Fotosport 2020 exhibition, 50th anniversary would take place in CE FIAP inside Reus CIMIR.

COVID-19 has affected the duration of this exhibition and all other exhibits scheduled at CIMIR in 2020, as the Catalan Health Ministry recommended it as a COVID-19 vaccination centre in Reus due the characteristics of the building where it is located. Its spacious, well-lit and ventilated rooms allow movement without crowding and without people who come in to get vaccinated making contact with those who leave once they have received the vaccine. The vaccination centre is expected to remain open until late 2020.
This will mean that the Fotosport 2020 exhibition will remain on display all this time and that it can be seen by everyone who passes by the Reus vaccination centre (by the end of August, over 6,000 people had come in to be vaccinated against COVID-19). For this reason, the exhibition programme at CIMIR of Reus has been changed and the exhibitions that were planned for autumn of 2021 have been postponed until spring of 2022.

Reus FIAP’S Exhibition Center Turns Into A Covid-19 Vaccination Point - July 2021