IRFIAP Members


Lovely City, Sumaiya Alshafoori, Emirates

There are 2 kinds of Individual Members, Local (ILFIAP) or Regional (IRFIAP). These members cannot take part in Biennial and they do not have voting rights. If there is no Operational Member in the country, the IRFIAP are authorised to transmit the requests for patronages as well as the requests for distinctions. If there is no IRFIAP, the ILFIAP can manage the dossiers of patronages and distinctions themselves.Click on IRFIAP or ILFIAP to reach the address of the Individual Member.

Country country Code IRFIAP Code UNU/UN Local Individual Member Address of the Club Club Contact Contact Address Email
Romania Romania R2116 642 Asociatia Eurofoto Art Piata 1 Decembrie no. 12, ORADEA, Romania Mr. Stefan Toth Piata 1 Decembrie no. 12, ORADEA, Romania
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