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Photo exhibition «Odessa and it’s inhabitants»  

In the Carpathian FEC from the 1st till the 15th Oktober lasted the exbition «Odessa and it’s inhabitants» by Oleg Kutskiy (EFIAP). 

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held on October1st, 2021. The audience was greeted by the director of the Transcarpathian museum of regional studies named after Tivadar Lehoczky – Mihaylo Delehan, who appreciated the importance of organizing photographic art exhibitions in the FIAP Exhibition Center within the Museum. The author is the head of branch of the National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine in Odessa region. Oleg Kutskiy wanted to emphasize with his photos, that at the difficult time we live in – at the time of big changes and expectations, the only thing which last are our feelings and emotions dedicated to our beloved city. As author says: «Today we are going on a unique trip along familiar and extraordinary, recognizable and hidden, but precious streets, yards and courtyards of the adored city – Odessa. This is an acquaintance with the city, with its life, soul and heart – with the sea… But Odessa is not only the city, not only its houses and architecture, not only the sea. It is something more that you have to feel with all your senses, with all your soul: it is its people, their southern accent, intonations, warmth and cordiality, glimmers of humor in every sentence,  and sometimes in every word. These are our courtyards and yards, where we have grown up and came into adulthood. We are in love with our courtyards, which stay in our hearts forever… There are many generations of people from Odessa being born and going on with life from such yards. They return to the home city again, breathing in the smell of the sea and linden trees, saying: My City, my Hometown!» 

Oleg Kutskiy has invited us with this photo collection to the hospitable Odessa city, because as we all know – it is better to see something, than only to hear about it.    

The exhibition is organized with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation within the project «Ukrainian Photographic Platform». More information on:

Odessa and it’s inhabitants - October 2021