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Mykola Tynkalyuk's photo exhibition “Hutsuls. The end of the XX – the beginning of the XXI centuries” was opened on November, 25 in Uzhhorod. One of the most titled Ukrainian contemporary photographer presented his collection of 50 photographs dedicated to the Hutsuls theme in the Carpathian Exhibition Center of the International Federation of Photographic Art. Here is the information that we have found out from the author, while talking to Mr. Mykola by phone.   

When did the realization of belonging to the Hutsul roots come to you?  Consciously from the age of two until today, and without a drop of doubt!  Do you have the favorite photo in the presented collection? Maybe you can remember some special events related to the photographic process of creating Hutsul photographs.  In my soul every event or process is a favorite one..., and talking about the favorite photo from the presented collection – the poster photo characterizes what I intended to show very good – the authentic image of the Carpathians nature, inhabited by mountain people with the free spirit.   

Hutsuls are shepherds and cheesemakers, but from a young age you have been attracted to their artistic skills. So entering an art institution was based on a conscious choice of future profession, could other factors have been having an influence too?  In fact, I was attracted by the authentic way of their life, which is organic, natural and by the manifestation of artistic taste in the creation of everyday things. The choice of the future profession took place at the genetic level.  What inspires you the most in photographing Hutsul life?  I am inspired from the natural, organic way of their life, everyday modesty, diligence, sincere joy in the holidays, to be brief – the truth of life inspires the creation of the photos. I try to take the greatest positiveness from the seen life ... which can instill faith, hope and love, is accessible and understandable to the viewer.   

During your fifty-one-year photographic career, you have won more than 400 national and international awards. The interesting thing is that your photos of Hutsul are better known outside of Ukraine. How can you explain this?  During a certain period of my work, I have felt that I can not realize my potential fully in the homeland ...; there was a desire to share the "organic phenomenon" with the whole world. Despite the "iron curtain", I "broke" the window into the world with my thousands of participation... The world accepted my mental message, my life truth ...   

Why did you decide to present a collection of photos on the Hutsuls topic for the first time in Uzhhorod?  Because this exhibition was preceded by their online exhibition on the newly created "Ukrainian Photographic Platform" – a  forum for Ukrainian photographers. Admittedly, the Carpathian Exhibition Center of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), opened in the westernmost regional center of Ukraine this year, is currently the most favorable photographic exhibition space in Ukraine. So, I am especially pleased to feel involved in the process of reviving the Ukrainian photographic movement. The photo collection of M.Tynkalyuk, the Honored Artist of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), will be exhibited in the Carpathian FIAP Exhibition Center in Uzhhorod Museum of Local Lore named after T. Legotsky until December 25, 2021.
Volodymyr Norba – curator of the exhibition, expert of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

Mykola Tynkalyuk's (EFIAP) photo exhibition “Hutsuls. The end of the XX – the beginning of the XXI centuries” - November 2021