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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

Although traveling (flying) with airplanes and even more, so observing airplanes in the air or at airports, yes, even photographing for your own home album, has become something completely normal. Photographing in the way the author presents to us in this exhibition is something much more unconventional and relatively unknown to the general public, regardless of the fact that this type of photography also became more popular with the advent of digital photography, and with the advent of the Internet also accessible to a wider circle of admirers. The reason, of course, is that such photos are mainly taken at air rallies and camps, which are not many, even on a global scale and are therefore associated with generally long and expensive trips, including high fees for photographic permits, expensive equipment and, of course, perennial experiences. There is also a huge danger of bad weather or other unfavorable conditions... So it is not surprising that the number of photographers working with this type of photography is also very low worldwide . In Romania, where the author comes from, only three photographers work with this type of photography.

The author introduces himself with photographs of flying airplanes, most often in the acrobatic creations of the world’s best (most daring) pilots, who often embellish their breathtaking mastery (the art of flying) with smoke tracks that “paint pictures” in the sky, which give to ordinary people boundless admiration, and to the masters of this kind of photography the opportunity for creative shots (the art of photography). The author, a true lover of everything related to airplanes and flying, went further in his creative zeal in order to popularize this genre of photography and bring it closer to the wider masses. Above all, in order to make viewers even more enjoyable to watch, he “processed” some photographs at a later stage of processing and using the unlimited possibilities of the digital darkroom, thus adding a personal creative dimension that raises the level of the exhibition high above “documentary only”.

Umetnost Letenja / Art Of Flying – Zsolt Bikfalvi - May 2020