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Andorra Joan Burgues Martisella Service director

Exhibition centres

Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

Grand opening of the FIAP Exhibition Center “Artfoto Gallery” was held on Wednesday, 14th of August, 2019, at 19.30 in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Inauguration of the FIAP Exhibition Center was conducted by Mr.Joan Burgues Martisella, vice president of the FIAP. After the ceremony of inauguration, at 20h of the same day, we opened a solo exhibition of photography by Mr.Joan Burgues Martisella.

A lot of people visited these manifestations, and it was very good covered in media (TV, radio, newspaper, web portals, etc.). National radio and television houses made a very good contribution by making short movies, live shows and interviews with our guests and directors. Some of the television houses that attended our manifestation are: RTRS, RTV BN, BHT, ATV, Arena Television, Slobomir Television, IN TV...  Newspaper: Semberske novine, Dnevni avaz, Blic.  Web portals: Novi glas,  

After the inauguration and opening of the exhibition, we had a coctail and a lot of conversations with our guests, interviews with journalists, and so on. 

The opening of the FIAP Exhibition Center was such an honor and pleasure for our country, photo association and us personally.

Official Opening