FIAP Exhibition Center Art Photo Gallery / Galerija Art Photo, Bijeljina (Bosnia)
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Bijeljina, Popovi 110
Republic of Srpska Bosnia and Herzegovina

Slobodan Krstic has been dealing with artistic photography for over  50 years. He has started practicing photography seriously when he started studying at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, in 1967., and since 1970. he has been actively involved in the exhibitions of artistic photography. 

In his oeuvre, he was equally engaged in portrait, life, landscape, nude, and macro photography. He prefers black and white photography . So far, he has had more than 30 solo exhibitions - four of them abroad.

Slobodan has participated in more than 400 collective exhibitions. He won more than 300 awards and recognitions in the international photographic exhibitions. 

Slobodan Krstic has received the titles of the Master of Photography of Photo Association of Yugoslavia (1977.), Master of Photography of Photo Association of Serbia and Master of Photography of AUFBiH.  

In the International Photographic Federation FIAP he has EFIAP/d1 and honorable mention EsFIAP.  

In the Photo Association of Yugoslavia, he became an associate teacher of photography, and in AUFBIH he became an instructor of photography. He organized several photographic workshops in towns Bijeljina, Han Pijesak, Ugljevik,… 

In 2013, he founded the ARTFOTO Association and Photo Gallery, which became FIAP CENTER in 2019. In the town Han Pijesak, he founded Photo Club, with the intention to form more of them in the future in other towns all over Republic of Srpska.  

He has organized many photographic exhibitions of the famous authors – Riccardo Busi, Herbert Gmeiner, Romain Nero, Joan Burgues Martisella… 

For over 6 years he has been organizing FIAP exhibitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

He has published 4 exclusive photo monographs and participated in many projects – book editing, monographs, encyclopedias, catalogs ... 

Over 250 newspaper, radio and television reports on his artistic creation were published in BiH, Yugoslavia and abroad. 

He created photo gallery named Artfoto Gallery.  It has over 100 m2 of exhibition space, judging space, and about 60 m2 in which the computer center prepares and organizes the materials for the exhibition and the preparation of the catalog and propaganda material.        

About FIAP Exhibiton Center Artfoto Gallery   

Artfoto Association was founded in 2013. One year after that, in 2014, Gallery Artfoto was opened in an area of about 70 m2. In this gallery were organized various photographic exhibitions, as well as the permanent photographic exhibition of Slobodan Krstic. The Gallery organized and promoted FIAP exhibitions organized by the ARTFOTO Association, as well as photographic workshops. The space is extended with the additional room and the total exhibition space has been increased by more than 100 m2.

The director of the gallery mr. Slobodan Krstić