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35th FIAP Black and White Biennial 2022, Oman

Host Country: Oman
Year: 2022
Ecstasy, Panos Zoulakis, Greece

We had to wait four years to be able to organise the Black and White Biennial again. The last one was in 2018 in South Africa. Then the Covid-19 pandemic changed all our plans. Fortunately we can say that today we are on a new path to normality.
Particularly for this reason I am very pleased to present the 35th FIAP Black and White Biennial. The interest in this type of photography has once again been confirmed. It is the source of inspiration for our art and our passion.  Organising a FIAP Biennial is a great challenge for the organisers. The Oman team has done it with a high standard and responsibility. 46 countries from five continents have presented their collections, making it one of the largest participations in FIAP Biennials. We thank them for their participation and encourage them to continue to present their photographs in future Biennials. Also to the members of the jury who had to evaluate the large number of photographs received.

Winners of the 35th FIAP Black and White Biennial 2022, Oman
Winner FIAP World Cup Print Section: Greece
Winner FIAP Gold Medal Print Section: John Sheridan, Ireland
Winner of the Great Prize “Dr. M. Van de Wijer Trophy"

Winner of the trophy: Spain
Ioannis Lykouris, EFIAP/s, MFIAP, HonEFIAP; (Greece – FIAP BD) Fadhel Al Mutaghawi, EFIAP (Bahrain); Reha Bilir, AFIAP (Türkiye)
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Individual awards - Individual awards

Winner: Hound Master, John Sheridan, Ireland
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