FIAP World Cups

12th FIAP World cup for club 2017

Host Country: Spain
Year: 2017
Waterfall at Kirjufell, McStraw Gregory, United Kingdom

12th Word Cup 2017

Winner of the 12th FIAP World cup for club 2017 world cup
Winner of the World Cup for club: Catchlight Camera Club, Ireland
Winner of the Dorikens Trophy

Winner of the trophy: Wigan 10 Foto Club, United Kingdom
Conrad Mularoni (AFIAP-HonEFIAP) San Marino; Dorota Kycia (EFIAP-ESFIAP) Poland; Guy Samoyault (MFIAP) France
All results - Clubs - FIAP World cup winner club
Prize Club name Code UNU/UN Works Points
World cup Catchlight Camera Club 826 / 353
FIAP Gold medal WIGAN 10 FOTO CLUB 826 / 349
FIAP Silver medal Rolls Royce Derby Photographic Society 826 / 348
FIAP Bronze medal Arden Photo Group 826 / 338
Hon Mention Dorchester Camera Club 826 / 337
Hon Mention The Evolve Group 826 / 336
Hon Mention SILLE SANAT SARAYI 792 / 335
Hon Mention Associazione Fotoamatori 'Francesco Mochi' 380 / 334
Hon Mention Photo Club Perfect Ganshoren 56 / 332
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