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Italy Michele Macinai World Cup for Clubs

World Cup for Clubs

Stokksnes Beach, Ray Hems, Great Britain

The World Photographic Cup are one of a kind international team competition created in 2001, celebrating photography in a way never dreamed of before. Sure, there are lots of other competitions but there is just one FIAP Club's World Cup.

18th FIAP World Cup for Clubs 2023 - RESULTS

18ème Coupe du Monde FIAP des Clubs 2023 - RÉSULTATS

18th World Cup for Club 2023

Winner club: New World – Russian Federation Year: 2023
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17th FIAP World Cup for Clubs 2022

Winner club: Rolls Royce (Derby) Photographic Society - United Kingdom Year: 2022
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16th FIAP World Cup for Clubs 2021

Winner club: G.F. Il Cupolone EFI - CAFIAP Year: 2021
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15th FIAP World Cup for Clubs 2020

Winner club: Eurasia, Russian Federation Year: 2020
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14th FIAP World Cup for Clubs 2019

Winner club: The Photographic Society of Taipei Year: 2019
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13th FIAP World Cup for club 2018

Winner club: Photoclub BGART, Bulgaria Year: 2018
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12th FIAP World cup for club 2017

Winner club: Catchlight Camera Club, Northern Ireland Year: 2017
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11th FIAP World Cup for club 2016

Winner club: Smethwick photographic society, United Kingdom Year: 2016
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