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Collections service

Dance on the water, Ivo Borko, Slovenia

Some of the pictures are stored on the cloud. These are low resolution images with a watermark and are accessible to everyone at the web address:
As the number of pictures that FIAP receives every year is very high, it has been decided that only a limited number of pictures can be placed on the cloud. This restriction is necessary for financial reasons.

All the images sent to FIAP are kept on several hard drives, which are located at different addresses. They form the “Artistic Patrimony of FIAP”. 

Four photographers, namely, Mr. Riccardo Busi, President of FIAP, Mr. Luis Franke Director of FIAP Biennials, Vice-President of FIAP and director of the Distinctions Service, Mr. Jef Lemmens, director of the FIAP Collections Service and Mrs. Chris Discart MFIAP, EFIAP/d1 decide which images are stored on the cloud. Their choice does not imply any value judgment. 

With the agreement of FIAP, member countries can use full resolution versions of these images (without the watermarks) for exhibitions, publications, etc. To do this they need to contact the Collections Service.  

Conditions for the use of pictures from “The Artistic Patrimony of FIAP”. 

It must be clear that the exhibition or publication is a FIAP activity. The costs of the activities are at the expense of the Member.
Any posters, flyers, catalogues, etc. must bear the FIAP logo.
Whatever use the pictures are put to, it must always be mentioned that they belong to “The Artistic Patrimony of FIAP”.
The name of the author, his/her country and the title of the picture must be mentioned together with the projected, displayed or printed picture.
Any commercial use is prohibited.
Any requests for collections of pictures must be made through your federation to: 

Mr. Jef Lemmens
Director FIAP Collections Service
Van der Nootstraat 21
B-3012 Leuven