Sharon Prenton Jones
Sharon Prenton Jones
United Kingdom Sharon Prenton Jones MFIAP Authors

​Welsh Mythology

Welsh Mythology is contained in an ancient text called the Mabinogion.  Here the past emerges from its pages as a landscape of the imagination.
These ancient tales feature images of strong independent women and heroic men appearing through the mists of legend. Dominated by the colours of earth, sea and forest, my images chart the development of these myths from Merlin’s  predictions about the coming of a warrior queen, to the final burial of the last of this ancient race. The supernatural world fills these tales with spirits taking the form of wolves and birds of prey.  Sirens emerge from backgrounds which are timeless, to lure mortals to the shores of an endless sea. The challenge was to capture images of mythological characters rather than photographic models. The willing suspension of disbelief needed to see a banshee keening outside a quiet mountain homestead, or riders  galloping through the night, required me to work hard with my models crafting their facial expressions and body posture.  Attempting to capture a sense of timelessness and myth was a difficult yet enormously satisfying challenge.   Here history meets mythology in a visual celebration of the past.

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