Mike Sharples
Mike Sharples
United Kingdom Mike Sharples MFIAP Authors

​Face To Face

I am passionate about my photography and photographing people is a subject that has long fascinated and captivated me. This has lead me to be inspired by people's creative art in the form of dress and face make-up. 

My portfolio is based on this theme of the art of painted faces and how people express themselves in their chosen hobbies and pastimes. 

I have tried to sympathetically enhance the subject's dress and face make-up, by the use of selecting backgrounds and tasteful lighting to evoke emotion and a sense of fantasy. 

I feel that eye contact with my subjects is essential in creating a connection between the person being photographed and the person viewing the portrait. This relationship between the two is brought about by facial expressions and drawing the viewer into this by evoking a private shared moment or emotion with the subject.

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