Mieke Boynton
Mieke Boynton
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Abstract Earth

I took my first aerial photographs from a chartered helicopter flight back in 2012, when I lived in the vast Kimberley region of  Western Australia. I was instantly mesmerised by the wondrous view of Earth from the air, and amazed at Nature's incredible artistry. It was almost impossible to decide what to capture - it was all so beautiful! Over time, I began to specialise in abstract  aerial photography, and in 2016, I began preparing my MFIAP Portfolio, building up a collection of aerials from around the  world to showcase the Earth’s most intriguing abstract art and its breathtaking range of colours, patterns, textures and shapes. 

Nature has always provided inspiration for artists, but only recently has aerial photography become a (relatively) affordable genre of photography, and even now, many of the best locations for abstract aerials are completely inaccessible except via planes or helicopters. As a consequence, aerial photographers often experience the intoxicating feeling that we are capturing images of the Earth that are truly novel and unique. 

Abstract art allows the artist to communicate in a more subtle way with the viewer, leaving certain elements open to  interpretation whilst at the same time making other elements more pronounced. This is true of abstract aerial photography,  where the overhead perspective and vagueness of scale allow the photographer to showcase the artistry of Nature in a  more detailed way.  Flying through the air at around 1500ft above the Earth, it’s as though time is suspended. I am usually so absorbed in the  process of identifying unusual formations and composing them that I completely lose track of time. It is a “flow state” where the  creative process is so absorbing that everything else fades into nothingness. There is only an all-encompassing sense  of awe, and an urgent compulsion to do justice to the incredible beauty that I see below me. 

This collection of 20 abstract photographs required nine separate aerial shoots between 2015 and 2019, in helicopters and light planes over locations selected for their beauty and artistry, all around the world. Some of these locations are completely untouched by humans and have been shaped by natural forces alone: some locations clearly show the effect of humans  on the landscape. Each image has been carefully selected for its unique attributes, but what they all reveal is the beauty of Nature with its intimate attention to detail, intricate textures, perfect patterns and bold, vibrant colours.

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