Mario Marsilia
Mario Marsilia
Italy Mario Marsilia MFIAP Authors


Love for Photography is an occasion to meet, a source of friendship and a way to form deep human ties. It is undeniable that we are attracted by somebody who, like us, is searching quasi obsessively for the technical or aesthetic resolution of a photographic issue. Like a magnet that bonds instinctively humans to one another,  a way to tie all who feel indissolubly linked to a common knot « Photography ». 

The problems more or less common, the constant difficulties that we encounter, we see them in others who, like us, are looking for a spiritual elevation in the rendering of an image or in the peace of the darkroom, so needed to soothe the soul wounded by life's difficulties. 

This profound sense of connexion, we owe it to Photography. It is a meeting point that often develops into a sincere friendship that goes beyond language, customs and ideology differences. I pay tribute to Photo Meetings because like never before we need to fight isolation and look into human exchanges as the union indispensable to the survival of good feelings.

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