Luis Alberto Franke
Luis Alberto Franke
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Entre esquilas, mates y encuentros

Entre esquilas, mates y encuentros - Luis Alberto FRANKE

Born in Argentina in 1963. He is an industrial engineer and an amateur photographer. He is an active member of the Grupo Fotografico Parque, an important photo club of Buenos Aires. Since 2003 he has taken part in national and international salons of photography and has obtained more than 14.000 acceptances and 2.500 awards in more than 60 countries. Regularly receives invitations to judge National and International Exhibitions. He also is an Honorary Member of Photo Club Elema from Skopje (Macedonia) and the Argentine Federation of Photography (FAF).  The FIAP distinguished him as Master FIAP in 2014, the PSA as Grandmaster Bronze (GMPSA/B) in 2018 and the FAF (Argentine Federation of Photography) distinguished him as Master (MFAF) in 2014. He received the ESFIAP in 2016 and the EFIAP/d3 in 2019. In 2012 and 2013 was awarded as the “Best of tht Best” author by FIAP. Since 2014 he is serving as FIAP Liaison Officer for Argentina. Since 2017 is a member of the Directory Board of FIAP and since 2018 he is serving as Director of the FIAP Biennial Service.

The Entre esquilas, mates y encuentros photo album

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