Hamad Albusaidi
Hamad Albusaidi
Oman Hamad Albusaidi MFIAP Authors


Banjara, Hamad Albusaidi, Oman

For a long time he have been a specialist in Portrait, Travel, Lifestyle, Decisive moments and People photography. In addition he does lecturing and teaching on the secret of using the natural light in photography. In 2003 he shifted to the digital photography.    He has participated in many local and regional salons, also has participated in many different salons, exhibitions, competitions, photography circuit and biennials under the patronage of FIAP.               
He has been awarded many different awards in different photography competition around the world.                                 
He was announced to be a Master photographer (MFIAP) in 2017 for his project called “Banjara”.

The Banjara photo album

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