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Roger Jourdain
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Roger Jourdain

Bali Salter, Roger Jourdain, France

Over a 40 year period, I held various positions of responsibility in a large Pharmaceutical group, which included business photography. 

Now, I am 70 years old, retired and passionate about photography (specially wildlife) as a hobby.

·      Member of the Photographic Federation of France since 1992.
·      Member of the Global Photographic Union (ex UPI) since 2008.
·      Image Without Frontier (ISF), Vice-President of this European movement of amateur photographers, between 2002 and 2007.

Card at life FIAP. 
I never ask for honor. I have just "Hon. FIP" that I received recently in India, by its President, without my own demand.

For me, my honor is to work for photography, simply and without cheating!
I have been a photographer for over fourty years, and a competitor in international competitions for over twenty years Judge in international contests of photography in USA, Belgium, Serbia, Greece, India and, of course, France! One hundred times Best Author (blue badge FIAP) in 12 different countries with 1825 international awards FIAP, PSA, GPU, ICS, IUP, ISF, etc.. totaling more than 870 medals and trophies.

I add that I am a grandpa six times and that my grandchildren say their grandpa is always involved with his photographs:

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Roger Jourdain

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