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Dia sotto le stelle - 30 September to 1 October 2016

Host country: Italy
Year: 2016

“Dia Sotto le Stelle 2016” - Busto Arsizio - Italy

Dia Sotto le Stelle, the International Festival of Photography and Multivision Arts, reached the important goal of the 25th Anniversary in 2016. The Festival is deeply based on the passion for photography and is internationally recommended and honored by the FIAP Auspices (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique).

As every year, Dia Sotto le Stelle took place in Busto Arsizio (30 September to 1 October) and during this edition two FIAP multi visions were shown to the audience in the main hall, 1.600 people each night. The festival hosts international photographers, known all over the world: Gianni Bering Gardin was the guest star of the past edition.

The main core of the Festival is not only represented by guest stars, but also by young talented photographers. Dia Sotto le Stelle is photography and multi vision, but also deep emotions and a passion for arts shared with professionals and amateurs, all together to get the nal feeling of deep love for photography. The success of Dia Sotto le Stelle is well represented by more than 5.000 people joining the exhibition during the 36 hours opening.

The current formula is backed by ten years: the festival opens on Friday night, when the audience can see the permanent exhibitions and watch the multi visions during the night, starting from 9:30 pm.

On Saturday the Festival opens at 3:30 pm and then it’s possible to test the new cameras and lenses of the technical sponsors, shoot in the shooting area and meet the authors of the exhibitions during their lectio magistralis late in the afternoon and watch the second round of multi visions at night.

The passion for photography is also supported by the Photoclubs which present their activities and courses for the following year. In 2016 Dia Sotto le Stelle was awarded by an audience of 6.000 people. The pictures, sensations and emotions of the edition will stand in our mind and heart until next year, when the new edition will glimmer again with the stars.


FIAP was represented by the president Riccardo Busi and the Director of FIAP Audiovisual Service Lorenzo De Francesco.

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