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Springbok, Jill Sneesby, South Africa

Maitre de la Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique

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Author Country Promotion year Title Photos
Virgilio Giuricin Croatia 2005 Inside the ground shell
Boots Franáois Pierre Marie Joseph Netherlands 2004 Rencontre Avec Tami
Franck Boots Netherlands 2004 Rencontre avec Tami
Junid Osnam Singapore 2004 Racial harmony
Gary Speer New Zealand 2004 Fungi
Stanislova Zvirgzdas Lithuania 2004 Lithuanian landscapes
Juan Fio Palmer Picornell Spain 2004 Triptics
Gary Speer New Zealand 2004 A Portfolio of New Zealand Fungi
Roberts Hilary Elizabeth United Kingdom 2003 Cuba in my heart
Jon Paul Baker United Kingdom 2003 The Quarries of Rhosydd and Cwmorthin
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