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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

On July 29th, 40 photographs were shown as part of an exhibition entitled “Nuevas miradas” (“New looks”). The authors were ten young photographers from Argentina (2), Andorra (1), Spain (5) and Turkey (2). The event seeks to promote young talents’ art by showing some of their works.

This project started from an audiovisual production made by the youth area of the Federaciòn Española de Fotografìa (Spanish Federation of Photography) whose responsible is Africa Marquez. Soon after, the Asociaciòn Fotogràfica Miradas de Ceuta, developed the idea and created “Nuevas miradas”. 

The exhibition has already been staged in part of the African continent and many Spanish cities and now it’s in Argentina and is presented in the Centro de Exposiciones FIAP at Peña Fotogràfica Argentina. 

This event is part of a series of talks and exhibitions and it was supported by Asociación Fotográfica Miradas de Ceuta and the  Federación Argentina de Fotografía.

“Nuevas miradas” - July 2022