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Natural landscape of Chile 

On October 18, the exhibition of photographs called "Natural Landscape of Chile" was held at the FIAP Exhibition Center, Peña Fotografica Rosarina, where 23 images copied on photographic paper were exhibited and we also had the opportunity to watch an audiovisual with all the photos that make up this exhibition, made by the director of the CEF.  

Chile is, thanks to its varied geography, an ideal country for landscape and nature photographers.  Chile has almost all the climates of our planet, except tropical and monsoon. This country, cornered to the south of the American continent between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, offers very different natural landscapes from North to South and from East to West.  

They were present to inaugurate the exhibition, Martina Vasselin  EFCHF, AFIAP, ESFIAP,  Liaison Officer FIAP - FCHF and the president of the Chilean Federation of photography Ana Ewert  Participating Chile authors 

Alfredo SANTAMARIA, Aref COSMA , Miguel GUERRERO, Miriam MORENO, Diana WAGNER , Cecilia ARAYA, Ilse KUBIERSCHKY, Martina VASSELIN, Ana EWERT, Gonzalo PADILLA, Simone ONO, Eduardo PEREA, Ketty VERGARA, Galvarino ARIAS, Edmundo OSSES, Miguel BAEZA, Sonia VASQUEZ, Carmen STOIBER , Jorge AGUILA, Angelo CANEPA, Manuel OPAZO, Flavia MICHELL  Mauricio VON LEYSER

Natural landscape of Chile - October 2019