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Venice Marathon 02, Marzio Filippo Minorello, Italy


On Friday, May 7, the audiovisual "Fiap Creative Collection 2017/18" was screened, which featured more than 100 creative photographs. It was made up of authors from all over the world, and they are the outstanding photographs in 2017 and 2018 that FIAP chose from these two years.

We want to thank the FIAP authorities and Jef Lemmens who sent us the photographs to make this audiovisual that we were able to present to our partners and also members of photo clubs in the country and the directors of the Asemeyando Photographic Association were also present Mr. Luis Jose Vigl Escaleral ,  Miradas photographic association its director Africa Marquez and Mr. Alfredo Sotelo Matos  Director of the Photographic Association of Antequera in Spain, we thank everyone present-
We also want to mention that in this collection there are two Argentine authors and one is from the Peña Fotografica Rosarina, Carlos Salzamendi and Martha Moreschi of the photo club Córdoba.   

After the audiovisual, the photographer Pablo Elía, showed us the tools of creative photography from this and from the audiovisual, a debate was generated on the subject. In the link that follows below you can see the audiovisual.

FIAP Creative Collection 2017/18 - May 2021