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Venice Marathon 02, Marzio Filippo Minorello, Italy

On April 9th, it was shown the audiovisual production “De Pa a Pe” (“from Pa to Pe”) and we talked with its author, the Spanish photographer Luis José Vigil-Escalera who is part of the Asemeyando Photographic Association.

He signs his works as Lujó Semeyes and he told us about his evolution as a photographer and the exciting projects he has carried out so far.  

After taking different steps, he started photographing landscapes (landscape is paisaje in Spanish, that’s why his production is called “De Pa a Pe”, Pa from paisaje) and he told us the different stages he passed through to display his exhibition: “The sounds of water: silences, whispers, roars.”

As he was getting vast knowledge, he started experimenting with travel photography from his own perspective. He made audiovisual productions about Thailand, Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco. 

He had planned new projects that due to the pandemic couldn’t be carried out, however, he developed his relationship with photography through Asemeyando and the Centro Expositivo FIAP (FIAP Exhibition Centre) via online. 

As a nurse, he was asked to record the important moments of the pandemic and he took advantage of this challenge to run a project “Ángeles, las mil caras del covid” (Angels, the thousand faces of covid) which turned into an audiovisual production and exhibition.  

In 2022, he launched the “Tangitania” project which turned into a book and an exhibition. 

Big thanks to Luis who shared with us his amazing works. 

This event was backed by FIAP, Asociación fotográfica Asemeyando and the Federacion Argentina de Fotografía (Argentinian Federation of Photogaphy)

“De Pa a Pe” - April 2022