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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland


This audiovisual was screened in the end of the year party in 2019. "Contrasts" of the Academy of Photography Bulgaria (APB) encompasses two fundamental meanings of the word contrast.

First, it takes advantage of its meaning in photography: the difference in lighting intensity in the range of blacks and whites. You can see this difference between light and shadow that stands out in the photos of stairs, reflections, foggy landscapes , trees and flowers standing out from the snow, dark objects exposed to the sun, scenes and portraits with a strong backlight or a difference shown between white and black. Secondly, it shows a more general meaning of the word: the opposition or notable difference from one person or thing to another. The exhibition shows the sharp contrasts of life: the present and the past, young and old age, the difference in generations (grandchildren and grandparents; young and old adults). It also highlights the opposition of attitudes and behaviors: standing up and sitting down or lying down, immobility and speed, material and human, nudity and clothing, provocation and modesty, joy and sadness. Thus Bulgarian photographers have investigated this broad theme to highlight their variety and richness through the originality of their artistic talent.

We thank Anton Savov (FIAP liaison officer) and the entire board of the Academy of Photography Bulgaria, as well as Martina Vasselin (FIAP liaison officer in Chile) for the contact and to have the opportunity to exhibit this audiovisual in the Peña Fotográfica Rosarina.

Contrasts - December 2019