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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

Asemeyando Photographic Association. 
On September 26, the audiovisual projection "Moments" was held. The meeting was held through the zoom platform, and we also had the pleasure of chatting with photographers from the Photografhic Asemeyando group, who told us about their experience about the exhibition, the meeting was very enriching where experiences were exchanged with photographers from our institution. 

23 authors participate in this audiovisual with 3 photos each. It is a very varied exhibition, in which there are all kinds of works in both black and white and color. From portraits, to street photography, landscape, abstract photography, nature, fauna, architecture, travel, and night photography. Each author has chosen the works they wanted to present, where they have managed to put together a collection that represents both the technical and artistic evolution of the group, and the idea is that each year it will exceed the different standards that each one set as a limit. This sample had a first stage in 2019 with 16 authors and 7 more were added this year, making this sample grow. 

This event is sponsored by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and is framed in the events that our FIAP Peña Fotográfica Rosarina Exhibition Center carries out. We want to thank the photographers who participated with their images, the members of the exhibition who were present at the meeting and Luis Jose Vigil director of the DEL MUNDO / SEMEYES DEL MUNDO LANGREO Exhibition Center ( Spain )

Audiovisual “Moments” - September 2020