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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

“The Art of Nude” with Ross McKelvey MFIAP EFIAP/p MPAGB 

  The 2023 season of FIAP events started in January 2023 with an exhibition titled “The Art of Nude” by Ross McKelvey MFIAP EFIAP/p MPAGB.  
Ross is a Belfast based photographer who is a found of the Catchlight Camera Club, a former winner of the FIAP World Cup for Clubs.   
In 2020 Ross was awarded the MFIAP distinction and this exhibition shows his panel of images.   
Ross is well known for his depiction of the female form and this exhibition demonstrated why this is the case.   
The exhibition ran in the Eddie Chandler Gallery from 7th January 2023 to 11th February 2023.  
On Saturday 14th January 2023 Ross gave a presentation on this panel and on his other images to 40 members who attended. All enjoyed themselves at this wonderful event.

“The Art of Nude” with Ross McKelvey MFIAP EFIAP/p MPAGB - January 2023