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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

On 6th May a very important exhibition opened in the Eddie Chandler Gallery (A FIAP Exhibition Centre), Dublin.   
It was “Seen to be Heard” by Jennifer Willis.   

Jennifer is a Belfast-based photographer who has produced a set of raw and powerful images of women who are suffering secondary breast cancer. These images reveal the physical and emotional pain of living with secondary breast cancer in a dignified way.    

Jennifer has been awarded both a Fellowship of the Irish Photographic Federation and of the Royal Photographic Society for this great body of work.   

The opening of the exhibition on 6th May 2023 was attended by over 40 people and the exhibition continued to be seen in the Gallery until 17th June and was visited by over 200 hundred people.

“Seen to be Heard” by Jennifer Willis EFIAP FIPF FRPS MPAGB - May 2023