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A Feeling of Impressionism with Steve le Prevost AFIAP FIPF FRPS MPAGB

Presented by The Eddie Chandler Gallery, a FIAP Exhibition Centre on Tuesday 1st June 2021 at 8pm   

Artist’s Statement: Where possible my aim is to challenge the fundamentals and boundaries of photography and to strive to be unique in my preferred style of photographic art.
I specialise in three areas, still life, character studies and nautical studies.
Most of my artwork is influenced by impressionism, my goal is to create a picture that portrays mood, atmosphere and emotion.
Achieving this may involve purposely removing the clinical sharpness that is generally associated with a photograph.
Or maybe working on the colour palette to allow the colours to bleed and become more fluid.
Most of my work in recent years has been influenced by impressionism.
My goal is to create artwork that portrays mood, atmosphere and emotion.
I discuss the methods I use, my approach to being creative, the pictures that work and those that didn’t work.   

Director’s Report: The FIAP Exhibition Centre in Dublin was very pleased to present this special evening with Steven Le Prevost on 1st June 2021. We had 115 members and guests attending the event which took place using the Zoom platform due to the current Covid restrictions which apply in Ireland.
Our members were impressed with the skill and quality of the images presented by Steven and particularly by Steven’s explanation of what impels him to create his images.

A Feeling of Impressionism with Steve le Prevost AFIAP FIPF FRPS MPAGB - June 2021