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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland


The Art Gallery of Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey was opened in 2015 in Ankara, Turkey and hosted several selected exhibitions since then.

Last year, during 33rd FIAP Congress in Korea, the Liaison Officer of Turkey, Mr. Yusuf Biton was chatting with Mr. Joan Burgués Martisella, the Vice President of FIAP. I participated to that conversation and we realised the benefits of joining international exhibition centres chain of FIAP.

The rest developed quickly. We made an application for joining FIAP exhibition Centres. We sent necessary information and we invited Mr. Martisella to Ankara on February 11, 2017 for opening ceremony of our new exhibition which was the retrospective exhibition of Mr. Sitki Firat.

Mr. Martisella came and visited us in Ankara, approved our application and gave us the FIAP Exhibition Centre shield.

Now, as a member of FIAP exhibition centres, we would like to share exhibitions with other members. We welcome the exhibitions from member galleries and also we would like to share 2 important exhibitions with them. First “The 32. FIAP Congress” exhibition which consist of FIAP participants’ photographs taken in Cappadocia during 32. FIAP Congress.

And the second, the joint exhibition of old Turkish photography masters organized in 2015. The name of the exhibition is “From Our Masters” and in this exhibition there are 24 Turkish Photographers born before 1950.

The photos from the gallery and opening ceremony of Sitki Firat exhibition are below. We wish to open and share several exhibitions together with FIAP family.

Best regards to all.


Ibrahim Göksungur
Vice President, PAFT
Director of FIAP Exhibition Center, Ankara

Opening ceremony