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Sille Sanat sarayı members met for the 8th time. 8th members meeting was held in Beyşehir with 211 members from different cities of Turkey and from different countries. The event, which was organized with the contributions of Beyşehir Municipality, was held between 20-22 September 2019 with the cooperation of Beyşehir Photography Community - BEYFOT and Beyşehir Culture and Tourism Association.

In his opening speech after the silence and the National Anthem, Mayor of Beyşehir Mr. Adil Bayındır thanked the guests and talked about the contribution of photography to the promotion of Beyşehir. 

This event is under the Auspices of FIAP - 2019 / 42

Reha Bilir, the founder of Sille Sanat Sarayı, gave a speech to the Mayor of Beyşehir Adil Bayındır for his contributions, to BEYFOT President Seyit Konyalı for his contributions, to Mustafa Büyükkafalı, the President of Beyşehir Culture and Tourism Association, and to Beyşehir Municipality employees Eyüp Yağcıoğlu, who contributed to the organization. He thanked the Basri Ecevitçi, Muhammed Sidal, Rümeysa Duymuş, Ömer Altıparmak and Ali Rıza Önses and gave the Sille Art Palace memorial medals.

Reha Bilir in his speech Adana, Afyonkarahisar, Ankara, Antalya, Aydin, Edirne, Eskisehir, Gaziantep, Isparta, Istanbul, Izmir, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Manisa, Mersin, Mugla, Nevsehir, Sakarya, Sinop, Sanliurfa, Trabzon, Bosnia and Herzegovina He also thanked participants from Macedonia, Cyprus and Iran for adding color to the city where he was born and raised.
 Following the opening speeches, firstly successful presentations in the first round of Sille Art Palace Seyit Ali AK Cup were watched and the presenting members were presented with achievement medals.

In the last part of the first day, new title badges and certificates of the members of Sille Sanat Sarayı were given. Mine Ertugrul and Tahsin Altinok also received the Red Single Star badge from the Sille Sanat Sarayı, which was awarded for the first time this year.

The first day of the members meeting was completed by taking photos of the sunset around Beyşehir Lake .

The second day of the meeting started with a collective photograph taken on the historic Beyşehir Regulator.

After the collective photo shoot, the successful presentations in the second round of the Sille Sanat Sarayı Seyit Ali AK Cup  in the events held in Beyşehir Cultural Center were watched and the presenters were presented with achievement medals.

Sema Demirkol, who won the 2019 - SSS Seyit Ali AK Cup, received the award from Tansu Gürpınar, who is the guest of honor this year.

Fatma Gök Salt, Masis Üşenmez and Neşe Arı were the winners of the SSS Yurdagül Özsavaşçı Cup.  Yurdagül Özsavaşçı Cup organized among the members of Sille Sanat Sarayı and selected by Osman Önder, Burak Şenbak and Mustafa Eser. Yurdagül Özsavaşçı's nephew Adnan Akbulut gave the winners' trophies.

After the information given to members by Reha Bilir about the annual income and expense statement of the Sille Sanat Sarayı, traditionally honored awards were given.

Iranian photographer Ali Samei was awarded this year's "Photographer of the Year Honor Award" for his contributions to the art of photography. Ali Samei's award was given by Haluk Uygur, Faruk Ibrahimovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Vladimir Jovanoski (Macedonia), who previously won the same award.

"Honor Awards Photographer of the Year in Turkey" was awarded this year, one of Turkey's most important nature photographers Mr. Tansu Gürpınar. Erol Doğaner and Ahmet Bozkurt presented Tansu Gürpınar's award together.

As a result of the evaluation made among the members of Sille Sanat Sarayı SSS / R, Yüksel Açıkgöz received the "Photographer of the Year Honor Award in Sille".

Nguyen Vu Phuoc (Vietnam), Serkan Turaç and Özlem Gün Bingöl were the honorary members of Sille Sanat Sarayı. Yüksel Acikgoz's award was presented by jury members Serkan Turaç and Özlem Gün Bingöl.

The second day of the members meeting continued with the Double Blues Band concert. The Double Blues Band group had fun and enthusiastic moments for Sille Sanat Sarayı members with 20 beautiful songs.

On the evening of the second day, at the dinner hosted by the President of Beyşehir Chamber of Commerce Mustafa Akbıyık, the members of Sille Art Palace met with the Mayor of Beyşehir Adil Bayındır.

Reha Bilir gave the commemorative medal of Sille Sanat Sarayı to Beyşehir Chamber of Commerce President Mustafa Akbıyık. In addition, members from abroad gave gifts to Mr. Mayor of Beyşehir Adil Bayındır and Mr. Mustafa Akbıyık, President of Beyşehir Chamber of Commerce. The ceramic Sille Sanat Sarayı logo, which Ali Samei specially designed and presented to Reha Bilir, was greeted with applause by the members.

The last day of the event was completed with photo shoots around Eşrefoğlu Mosque, Eflatunpınar Monument, Sonsuz Şükran Village and Beyşehir Lake.

The members of Sille Sanat Sarayı left Beyşehir by promise to meet again at the next meeting.

YÜKSEL Açıkgöz received the award from SERKAN TURAÇ and ÖZLEM GÜN BİNGÖL

Sille Sanat Sarayı Members Meeting - October 2019