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"TRAVELS AROUND THE WORLD" The Euro Foto Art Gallery, FIAP Exhibition Center Oradea – Romania, within the Museum of the Land of Criss - Museum Complex, the section of the Oradea City Museum hosted the opening of the exceptional photographic art exhibition number 610 on Thursday after lunch. Despite the tropical heat in which it "bathed" municipality of Oradea, a large group of photography lovers participated in the event. The public present at the opening in 18 august 2022 was greeted by the head of the department of the Oradea City Museum Dr. Ioan Ciorba, who appreciated the initiative of organizing dozens of exhibitions opened over the years in this special space and especially this exceptional exhibition that invites all visitors on a "visual journey around the world". He also thanked the team that prepared this exhibition for their efforts, Mr. Thurzó Sándor József for the "musical jewels performed" and invited photographic artists from Pakistan to visit and photograph Oradea and Bihor county. The President of the International Association "Euro Foto Art" (AIEFA), the photographer artist Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP presented the special existing collaboration between Romanian photographers, which began a quarter of a century ago, on April 15, 1997, once with the opening in the National Art Gallery in Islamabad of the exhibition entitled "Steps in the light" made up of the works of the members of the Photographic Club "Nufărul" from Oradea (CFNO). The exhibition was organized by the National Arts Council of Pakistan and Pakistan Salon Group (PSG) under the patronage of the Romanian Embassy in Pakistan. The Romanian ambassador from Islamabad, George Săvuică, participated in the event and spoke, who received from the president of PSG the photographer artist Aftab Ahmad, a great friend of the photographic artists in Romania, the Service Award Trophy awarded to the photographer artist Ștefan Toth AFIAP, the president of CFNO. The ambassadors of Austria, Bangladesh, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Malta and the Republic of Moldova participated in the opening. It is with great pleasure that I participate today in the inauguration of this "summer gift" offered by the photographer artist Syed Javaid A. Kazi M.FIAP from Pakistan, which is "a foray into the most mysterious realms of the orient from the spiritual point of view as seen by an oriental. I speak from the point of view of an admirer of the Orient who has always been fascinated by the creations of those from the Lands of the Rising Sun. The exhibiting photographer artist, who knew how to offer us this mysterious atmosphere enveloped in the flavors of the Orient, is also creative. Each image has a hidden story of the Orient, which we can only guess" the art critic Dr. Ramona Novicov emphasized in her speech. The musical moments of the opening were provided by the artist Thurzó Sándor József, the representative of the Cultural Group "Duo Sola Fide" from Oradea, who performed pieces from the Pakistani repertoire: the Pakistani national anthem "Pak serzameen" by Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chagla and "Trip to Pakistan ” (Travel to Pakistan) by Alistair Fraser and Nathalie Haas respectively and from the international one: “Din dramboaie” by Karl The event was broadcast online on the Association's facebook: The exhibition of the photographer Syed Javaid A. Kazi M.FIAP entitled "Journey around the world" can be visited until 18.09.2022, from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10:00 - 18:00 (Monday - closed). The exhibited images can also be admired on the website of the International Association: and will be viewable between 18.08 and 17.09. 2022 and on the scales of modern means of transport in our municipality, thanks to the protocol concluded with AIEFA and OTL Bihor.

Travels Around The World - August 2022