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Venice Marathon 02, Marzio Filippo Minorello, Italy


On Friday, the 6th of December 2019, at 18.00 hours there took place the  inauguration of the 17th FIAP Exhibition Center in Oradea-Romania with the participation of over 70 photographers from: Andorra, Germany, Greece, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary. The public was saluted by Stefan Tóth AFIAP, the manager of the Oradea FIAP exhibition center, who founded the most last-longing permanent photography gallery in Romania. Joan Burguse Martisella from Andorra, the vice-president of the FIAP and the manager of the FIAP Exhibition Centers, appreciated the activity of the gallery with its 570 international exhibitions. Ioannis Lykouris MFIAP, Hon E.FIAP from Greece, the FIAP secretary, appreciated the 25 years of best collaboration with Stefan Tóth AFIAP and his over 40 years experience. Georg S. Holzmann EFIAP, the honorable president of FIAP Germany from Karlsruhe, gave Stefan Tóth AFIAP the golden medal expressing his appreciation. Deputy Biró Rozália sent the message of the president of the Bihor Council who thanked Stefan Tóth for his over 40 years activity in promoting photography in Oradea. A special moment was the cutting of three-colours ribbon by the honorable guests and the revealing the plate of the FIAP Oradea-Romania exhibition center by Joan Burguse Martisella from Androrra and Stefan Tóth AFIAP. Then the word was taken by Eugen Antal representing the The Bihor County Prefect Institution and the Oradea City Hall and by Angela Lupsea-the general manager of the Oradea Museum-Cultural Center. Stefan Tóth AFIAP thanked to all who supported this event financially and to all volunteers who participated at the renovation of the ”Euro Foto Art” Gallery. In the second part of the festivity the opening of the 4th edition of the World-wide EFA Photo Clubs Cup took place. The exhibition was organized by the Euro Foto Art International Association for its 57 partner organizations from: Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The musical moments were offered by: Duo Varadiensis: Lucian Malița and Thurzó Sándor József (violin and viola), Elemér Radui and Florian Chelu (guitar) and Alexandrina Chelu (voice). The event closed with a festive dinner at the ”Grand Palace” restaurant where the dancer couple: Tóth István Aramisz (Romania)  - Lilly Cantineau (France) have performed, Santa Claus have given gifts to all guests and a huge cake have come as a surprise. The president of Bihor Council, Pásztor Sándor presented the city to the honorable guests from Andorra and Germany.

Inauguration - December 2019