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Venice Marathon 02, Marzio Filippo Minorello, Italy

The Exhibition Centre of the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique’ (FIAP) in Novi Sad-Serbia was opened on Friday 2nd June 2017 at the Gallery of the Photo club Novi Sad.

Ricardo Busi, President of FIAP, opened the exhibition centre and expressed his happiness for this visit and the opening of the centre, which is the first in Serbia and thirteenth in the world.

He stressed the importance of having an approved centre and its important role as a cornerstone for further opportunities and progress for Serbian photographers by giving them the opportunity to contact and communicate with the various activities to be carried out by the Centre like shows, workshops and forums.

The opening ceremony included two Exhibitions:

Along the road - Mr. Ricardo Busi, MFIAP, EFIAP/p, HonEFIAP


A short photo Story about Wedding of my Friend Nenad - Mr. Branislav Brkic, MFIAP, EFIAP/s, HonEFIAP

The exhibition will be open until Saturday 17th June.

Opening ceremony