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14th Athens International Festival of Artistic Photography The ATHENS FIAP EXHIBITION CENTER organised again this year the international festival of Hellenic Photographic Society through the 14th Athens International Festival of Artistic Photography. 

The events of the festival began on Wednesday May 5th and ended on Wednesday May 26th. During this period, every Wednesday and Saturday of May, a different presentation was held.   In total seven events took place, all via video conference.  One of them, on Saturday May 8th, was dedicated to the 2020 FIAP artistic titles of Greek members and during the other six, international awarded photographers presented their artworks:  

- On Wednesday May 5th:   Ovi D. Pop (Romania) (EFIAP /s, EPSA, GPU Cr4, Elite IUP, EAAFR)- "Flying Art": Drone and Aerial Photography
- On Wednesday May 12th:   Pierluigi Rizzato (Italy) (MFIAP - EFIAP/d3 - ESFIAP)- "African Savannah": Nature and Wildlife Photography
- On Saturday May 15th:   Michalis Makris (Cyprus) (EFIAP / s)- ¨Photographic Route΄΄ Photojournalism
- On Wednesday May 19th:   Yousuf Tushar (Bangladesh) (EFIAP, Hon FBPS) - "Rohingya Exodus": Refugees - Photojournalism 
- On Saturday May 22th:   Doros Theodorou (Cyprus) (EFIAP/b, QPSA) - "Journey to the Stars"- Astrophotography
- On Wednesday May 26th:   Luis Franke (Argentina) – (MFIAP, EFIAP/d3, ESFIAP, MFAF, EFAF/p, GMPSA/B, HonElema, FAPU) – ‘’Southern Patagonia": Landscape and Social Life Photography 

Many different and important topics were covered by the above international photographers and our members met modern trends of international photography.     

All the events of the festival were under FIAP auspices. 

The participations during these presentations were very satisfactory and sometimes above our expectations, taking into consideration that the main working language was English and only some parts were translated into Greek, if needed. 

We were happy and honored to see among the participants in our festival many important guests, such as the FIAP Vice President and Director of the FIAP Exhibition Centers Service, Mr. Joan Burgues Marticella, the President of the Cyprus Photographic Society, Mr. Constantinos Charalambous, and many important persons from China like the Professor Zeng Yi, during the presentation of Yousuf Tushar from Bangladesh that was co organized with FODISDME. 

Honorary diplomas were given by the ATHENS FIAP EXHIBITION CENTER to the photographers who participated and presented their lectures. Kyriakos Kokkos General Curator HPS & DIRECTOR ATHENS FIAP EXHIBITION CENTER

14th Athens International Festival of Artistic Photography - May 2021