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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

From July 9 to 28  our center hosted the Orthodox Easter exhibition on Holy Week in Romania, presented by its author Santos Moreno Villar, was magnificent.   

Santos is a photographer who counts the awards by the hundreds, elected CEF national photography award in 2014.   

You can go to his page to see his work:   

Those of us who were lucky enough to attend the inauguration, were able to enjoy his photos, of course, but we also heard his interesting comments from that Holy Week in southern Romania. He projectes an audiovisual with the photographs of the exhibition and a few more that completed a spectacular inauguration.   

With his great sensitivity; his mastery of light working under extreme circumstances, indoors and at night scenes; his unsurpassed handling of editing ... Santos achieves impressive, soft, pictorial images that tell a story as a whole and in each of his photographs.     How lucky to have had this exhibition!

Orthodox Easter by Santos Moreno Villar - July 2021